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Why should I become a Member of Northern Kentucky Dental Assistants Society?

We provide you with career advancement through continuing education and credentialing. We encourage you to want to improve yourself by joining our professional organization and attend continuing education programs and meetings to enhance your chosen career in the Dental Assistant Profession.

Why? Because you want to become more valuable in your Dental Profession. Northern Kentucky Dental Assistant Society is the active local component in does not matter where you reside...join us for our meetings on the local level or the state level!

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Kentucky DAA and Northern Kentucky DAS Events for 2023

 Webinar April 20, 2023  Virtual Class Registration is closed; class capacity FULL



 Kentucky Dental Assistants Association is Host for: 

Fall Symposium 2023  In Person events!

Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28....Announcements and Details Coming Soon! Visit our website often for these updates! 





NORTHERN KY DAS Annual Education Program:  

Saturday, November 5, 2022: 8 AM to Noon

Speaker: Nicol Lagerwerf, CDAII/CDIPC, Maxill, Canada

IPAC and Dental Unit Water Lines

Stress and Time Management With Our Busy Dental Profession 


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  Information and Details coming soon for our 2023 Fall Symposium


 Archived Events: 

American Dental Assistants Association    

National Virtual Meeting: Annual Meeting:  Saturday, October 22, 2022


Northern Kentucky Dental Assistants Society: Annual Continuing Education Program

Saturday, November 5, 2022   8AM to NOON

St Elizabeth Healthcare, Grand Ave, Ft Thomas     Lower Level Conference Room   Follow the signs!












Northern Kentucky Dental Assistants Society

Have any questions on membership in our dental assistants society? 

Visit the ADAA website for membership information.


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